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A beginner’s guide to playing at sweepstakes online casinos

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Renzo A.

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Jan 19, 2024

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There’s a growing hype around online sweepstakes casinos worldwide. One of the primary features that attracts players to sweepstakes casinos is that they can play some of the best casino games for free while enjoying the opportunity to win monetary prizes.

Sweepstakes casinos are the best alternative to traditional online casinos, mainly because they’re legal in most countries. Many often refer to them as social casinos and use these terms interchangeably.

However, a sweepstakes casino must offer sweepstakes coins that players can redeem for cash rewards. If you’re new to the world of sweepstakes casinos and want to learn more, take the time to read our guide.

Explaining the sweepstakes model

Before discussing how to play at sweepstakes casinos, let’s explain these platforms’ essential elements.

The sweepstakes model allows players to join contests that reward one or more players. The critical difference between sweepstakes and traditional casinos is that getting rewards requires no purchases.

All players enter contests or events under the same conditions and have equal chances of winning. Before participating in sweepstakes casino games, players must provide personal information and complete specific actions following casino rules.

Sweeps coins explained

Players don’t need to purchase anything to participate in sweepstakes games. However, all sweepstakes casinos give players Sweeps Coins (SC). Players then use them to make wagers and win rewards.

Most sweepstakes casinos also have Gold Coins (GC), which players can use to play games for free but not to win cashable rewards. Some games are lotteries that reward winners based on a draw, some are contests that require skill, and sweepstakes are free games that select winners randomly.

How to start playing at sweepstakes casinos

The starting steps are pretty straightforward.

Find a reliable sweepstakes platform.

Look for a trustworthy sweepstakes casino by reading reviews, checking forums, and learning from other players’ experiences. Find a legal platform in your country and ensure you meet the minimum age requirement.

Create an account.

Visit the platform and click the Register or Sign Up button. Follow the steps to create your account. Usually, you must provide an email address, name, current location, and age.

Verify your account/identity.

Most trustworthy sweepstakes casinos require identity verification. Players must provide documentation to prove their identity (e.g., a utility bill, driver’s license, passport, etc.).

How to get the sweepstakes currency

After verifying their identity, players can acquire Gold and Sweeps Coins through multiple methods:

  • Claiming coins for free – Most sweepstakes casinos offer free currency to all players to help them kickstart their memberships. 
  • Registration bonuses – All trusted sweepstakes casinos offer signup bonuses that reward players with coins. 
  • Giveaways and promotions – Sweepstakes casinos organize regular giveaways and promos through which players can acquire coins. These include social media events, contests, tournaments, weekly bonuses, mail-in requests, referral bonuses, etc. 
  • Buying gold coins – Even though players can’t purchase Sweeps Coins directly, some casinos allow them to buy Gold Coins, which reward them with bonus Sweeps Coins as an incentive to keep playing. 
  • Loyalty programs – Most casinos have loyalty programs that reward players according to their activity, like logging in consistently. 
  • Achievements – Modern sweepstakes casinos implement gamification mechanisms like leveling up, gathering points, and completing challenges that reward players with SC. 

Games at online sweepstakes casinos

The most prominent online sweepstakes casinos offer thousands of games from some of the best software developers in the industry. Here are the most prevalent games you can find at online sweepstakes casinos.


The most popular games at sweepstakes casinos are the sweepstakes slots. You can play traditional slots with three reels and up to seven reels, or try your luck in progressive, VR, video, or interactive slots.

Table games

In different variations, you can play some of the best classics like poker online, baccarat, roulette, and blackjack online. Many sweepstakes casinos also offer live dealer table games.

Video poker

Video poker is a separate category because it combines digital slots and traditional poker. Players try to get the best hand possible and improve their chances of winning.

Scratch games

Digital scratch games are similar to traditional scratch cards, where players “scratch” cards to reveal symbols and find correct combinations for winning prizes.

Dice games

Some online sweepstakes casinos have dice games like craps where players “throw” dice to get winning combinations.


These are lottery-style games in which players select numbers on a grid and choose as many match numbers as possible to get winning draws.


Digital bingo games allow players to buy cards and win prizes by matching card numbers with drawn numbers.

Virtual sports

Some casinos also have virtual sports games where players can bet on sports events, matches, or races.

Helpful tips for first-time players

As a new player, take the time to review these tips to increase your chances of winning and improve your overall gaming experience:

  • Read the game rules All reputable casinos offer valuable resources and information about game rules. Take the time to learn their mechanics, bonuses, features, and guidelines for a better experience.  
  • Set limits Limit your gaming time and wagers. Your gaming experience should be fun and non-intrusive. 
  • Use bonuses Get all the available bonuses and promotions to multiply your assets and enjoy favorable terms. 
  • Find reputable, legal platforms Play at licensed, reliable, secure platforms to ensure a safe gaming experience. 
  • Play games you’re familiar with As a new player, it’s best to start with simpler games you know how to play, like slots. 

Social features and sweepstakes community

People often refer to sweepstakes platforms as social casinos because they have many community features. Some include chat apps and rooms, community boards, and forums where players can share experiences and discuss strategies and favorite games.

There are also many multiplayer games where players can collaborate and compete. Platforms have leaderboards, tournaments, social contexts, and vast social media communities that connect all players.

Staying safe and playing responsibly

Players must adopt safe gaming habits to ensure a positive experience. That includes the following:

  • Setting a reasonable budget and sticking to it
  • Understanding game odds
  • Setting time limits
  • Taking breaks from gaming
  • Setting losing and winning limits
  • Educating themselves about games
  • Using responsible gaming mechanisms
  • Getting support if necessary

Here are some responsible gambling resources.


We hope this post helps you start your online sweepstakes casino gaming journey on the right foot. Good luck!


Frequently asked questions

Sweepstakes casinos are legal in most jurisdictions because they don’t include money transactions. However, checking the legality in your country is crucial.

Sweeps Coins have a monetary reward value, while Gold Coins are available for free gameplay only. Wagering Sweeps Coins makes players eligible for real money rewards.

Players can earn money at sweepstakes casinos by playing their favorite games using Sweeps Coins. They can win cash and prizes like gift cards and redeem them for real money.

Jerard Alonzo Profile Picture

The Author

Jerard Alonzo Profile Picture

Renzo A.

the author

Renzo is one of the newest additions to the crew. With a extensive background in data gathering and with valuable insights on casinos, he's your go to person for questions about the iGaming industry. He's worked hard to develop his skill for discovering trends as well as crafting well put together reviews. In his spare time, Renzo is a crypto enthusiast/trader who like to explore the exciting and endless possibilities of blockchain technology.

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