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Troubleshooting common issues in sweepstakes online casinos

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Jerard V.

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Jan 04, 2024

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It is true – online sweepstakes casinos have taken the world by storm. These iGaming websites and apps have transformed the gambling industry, offering a free-to-play experience with a chance to win incredible prizes. However, not everything is rainbows and sunshine on these platforms, and such websites can also suffer from technical and non-technical issues.

Understanding the types of problems online sweepstakes casinos can face and learning to navigate them are vital steps in ensuring the best overall gaming experience on such platforms. That’s also our topic for today, so stay with us to learn how to deal with typical sweepstakes casino problems.

Exploring the most common issues

Embarking on a gaming journey on online sweepstakes platforms is an excellent way to have fun for hours and win big, but the journey undoubtedly has challenges. Players often face various problems regardless of the website they’ve joined, but although there are more than a few, these issues can be divided into two categories.

Technical issues

The first group of problems is related to technical errors. They can be related to your internet connection or the sweepstake application’s version on your device, or they might be connected to the gaming platform you’ve chosen, at which point you can do nothing but wait for the fix.

Non-technical issues

On the other hand, the group of non-technical issues refers to problems with the sweepstakes casino’s system. Account verification, payment processing, fine print in the terms of service, and other service-related problems fall into this category. Luckily, these issues are often solvable.

Navigating technical problems

Now that we know about technical issues, we can dive into the most common ones and look into practical solutions for resolving them.

  • Network and connectivity problems – If you’re experiencing disconnections during gaming sessions, testing your internet speed and latency can show whether the issue is on your end. If so, restarting the router might work, but you might also have to contact your network provider.
  • Sweepstakes software glitches and errors – Outdated desktop and mobile sweepstakes apps are the known culprits behind these problems, but it might also be related to your browser. Downloading and installing the latest app or browser version should fix the error.
  • Application and website crashes – Whether offering an HTML5 website or a dedicated desktop/mobile app, the casino’s website can occasionally crash and might not have anything to do with you. If you’re running the latest version of the casino’s software, you should report these issues to the customer support team.

Essentially, anything that prevents you from connecting to the iGaming platform and enjoying the website’s games is considered a technical issue.

Addressing non-technical solutions

Resolving non-technical issues requires a different approach. It often involves using the website’s help resources. We’ll now examine the most common non-technical problems.

  • Account verification issues – Whether you’re creating the platform or verifying your identity, account-related issues can be a frustrating challenge. In most cases, you’ll have to find the solution in the FAQ section or address the issue with the customer support team.
  • Payment processing problems – Sweepstakes casinos often implement diverse deposit and withdrawal options like credit and debit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Fixing these will require reading detailed FAQ sections, contacting the customer support team, and checking in with your bank.
  • Bonus-related confusionsCasino sweepstakes bonuses can be diverse, ranging from welcome to cashback and no-deposit bonuses with different conditions. Understanding these conditions is vital, but also a standard player-related error of not reading the fine print. However, you can check with other players on community forums or contact support if you feel wronged.

Non-technical problems are related to your chosen gaming platform and might be even more frustrating, as you can’t fully immerse yourself in the iGaming world and enjoy the experience.

Minimizing the issues with preventive measures

While non-technical issues significantly depend upon the sweepstakes platform you’re playing on, technical ones are related to the player. That essentially means these issues can be prevented in most cases.

Keeping your desktop and mobile casino apps up-to-date is crucial. Even if the casino doesn’t offer any apps, you should turn on automatic updates for the browser you use to access the sweepstakes casino’s HTML5-powered website. It can be a game changer and might prevent various technical errors.

Testing your internet connection’s speed and stability before you initiate a gaming session can also be an excellent idea. You should also avoid moving to the corners of your home with a weaker signal while in the middle of a sweepstakes slot game on your mobile device.

Top help resources

Sweepstakes casino operators know that no iGaming software will ever be perfect and that the abovementioned issues are bound to happen. For this reason, they include various resources to help you navigate these problems, which include the following:

  • FAQ sectionsFrequently Asked Questions are a collection of inquiries players have made over the years. They’re a treasure trove of information where gamers can find almost everything they need.
  • Social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages do much more than promote sweepstakes casino games or offer bonuses. They also answer player’s questions and solve various issues gamers might face on their sweepstakes journey.
  • Community forums – Although not all sweepstakes casinos have these, forums are an excellent place to ask for help. They’re a second home to the sweepstakes platform’s players, and you can ask these veterans for assistance any time.
  • YouTube tutorials – Many of us are visual learners, and YouTube is an excellent place with a ton of information. Even casinos have channels that often have guides and instructions for games or various technical and non-technical processes.
  • Customer support teams – If you can’t handle it alone, sweepstakes casinos always have a team of skilled employees ready to help you. Players can often contact the customer support team through email, phone, or live chat and quickly fix various issues.

Only some sweepstakes casinos will have all these support channels, but a large majority has at least three out of five, which should be more than enough to fix any technical and non-technical issues.


While online sweepstakes platforms are an exciting destination for many iGaming enthusiasts, they’re not without issues. Namely, gamblers often experience problems that can ruin the gaming experience and cause unnecessary frustration.

We’ve divided these issues into two categories and shown you how to navigate the most common ones. Our general instructions should work on most sweepstakes platforms, but consulting the website’s help resources is highly advisable, as various sweepstakes sites will have diverse solutions to these problems.

Jerard Villena Author Profile Picture

The Author

Jerard Villena Author Profile Picture

Jerard V.

Content Writer

the author

Meet Jerard, an experienced content creator, and an all-things tech guy. He's here to help guide you through the landscape of sweepstakes casinos, one review at a time. Jerard’s passion for producing high-quality content that’s useful to the readers is always his top priority. Being a lifelong gamer has given him the skill to quickly distinguish what games in a casino's library are good or bad, to ultimately give you the best recommendations. Aside from work, Jerard loves traveling around his home country, the Philippines. A country composed of thousands of islands and with a very diverse culture where there’s always something new to learn or explore.

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