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How our sweepstakes casino rating system works

Learn about the process of how we give the ratings for casinos.

At SweepCasinos, we strive to deliver unbiased, detailed, and valuable reviews of top sweepstakes casinos. We aim to help you make the right decisions and avoid malicious or scam websites. 

We want to help you find platforms where you can enjoy your favorite games with transparency and fair terms. You can rely on our high reviewing standards and analytics knowledge for valuable information.

The criteria we use for rating sweepstakes casinos

When looking at these observations and research, it’s essential to understand the criteria and standards we use to rank and review these platforms before choosing the best sweepstakes casino. That’s why we’ve decided to give you inside information and break down our process on how we rate casinos.

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Bonus offers & special promotions

Every player likes getting sweepstakes bonuses and special promotions. We invest a lot of time in evaluating bonuses and special promotions you can expect. Some of the critical factors include restrictions, limitations, terms and conditions, fairness, and the actual value you get from these rewards. Our reviews help you learn the objective value of bonuses and how they compare to other platforms.

The number of games

Variety is essential when choosing a social casino because you want to mix it up and try out different sweepstakes games. We closely examine the game options of every platform and assess how many game categories they have—having the opportunity to play traditional slots, poker games, specialty games, new variations, and most-known titles in the same place.

Software providers & quality

The number of games and game variety matter, but it’s not all about quantity. It’s also about quantity. That’s why we thoroughly analyze who are the developers behind those games and what level of software quality they provide. Even though we know who the best developers are, we evaluate crucial factors like user interface, visuals, gameplay, mechanics, fairness, and rewards.

Payment options

Flexibility and ease of use are crucial with payment methods. We understand that players want to be able to make payments quickly and with their preferred method while playing at sweepstakes casinos.

That’s why we examine all the payment options, including e-payment services, e-wallets, debit cards, and credit cards, so you know what to expect regarding speed, limitations, terms and conditions, and security. For those who prefer crypto sweepstakes casinos, we want to find enough options to pay with cryptocurrencies.

Payout methods

Withdrawal methods are even more important than payments because everyone wants their hard-earned funds back. We review crucial factors like payout methods, reliability, speed, and limitations.

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You can only expect to find trustworthy platforms on our site that give transparent conditions and timely and efficient withdrawals, so you can always rely on them to get your winnings on time.

Loyalty & VIP programs

The best sweepstakes casinos offer VIP or loyalty programs to their long-term players. We closely examine the perks and benefits you get through these programs and what value you can expect. Many platforms promise various benefits, but how do they look in practice, and are other players satisfied with them? These are just some of the things you can learn from our reviews.

Licenses & reputation

At SweepCasinos, we are all about transparency and rooting out scamming or unfair platforms. That’s why we rigorously check a casino’s reputation, licenses, and safety. We ensure the platforms have obtained valid licenses, built a trustworthy reputation, implemented robust security features, and provided their players with valuable resources. One of the most trustworthy license provider for sweepstake casinos that you can trust is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Mobile apps

Since a growing number of players like to enjoy their favorite games on mobile screens, it’s crucial to consider mobile support, compatibility, user experience, etc. Sweepstakes mobile app players should be able to enjoy all the benefits desktop users have, including smooth gameplay, secure transactions, live games, responsive customer support, etc.

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Level of customer support

Having a direct line of communication with the platform is vital, especially when you’re experiencing difficulties with payments, games, or your account.

We put a lot of emphasis on evaluating the customer support quality provided and examine crucial aspects like the number of customer support channels, effectiveness, availability, responsiveness, and resources. When you have an inquiry, it should be addressed promptly, and players must be given accurate answers.

Overall user experience

The overall user experience when playing at sweepstakes casinos should be friendly, frictionless, smooth, simple, and enjoyable. We carefully analyze all factors that affect user experience, including intuitiveness, mobile optimization, website navigation, and structure.

Fairness, transparency, & security

Fairness and security are the staples of a trustworthy sweepstakes casino. We analyze these things before even considering reviewing a casino because all players deserve a safe experience, and they shouldn’t have to worry about their financial and personal information or how they’re used.


Trust is important when choosing a sweepstakes casino because scammers and unreliable platforms still stigmatize them. That’s why we take a special approach to learning about what the whole community thinks about a platform and thoroughly check if there are any fake reviews. Our ratings will give you objective information about the casino’s track record and overall reputation.

Social gaming

Social features are in high demand, and this has become an important criterion for a modern sweepstakes casino. We thoroughly analyze all social gaming options, including chat rooms, multiplayer games, dedicated channels, and the opportunity to compete or play with friends. You can read this article to learn more about social gaming and how it affects the players.

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How our point rating system works for evaluating casinos

In this table, you can see the evaluation criteria we use for rating platforms and the measurements and points we use for this purpose.

The maximum number of points per criteria is 10, and their sum is divided by 13 to get the overall rating. Each criterion has multiple elements that impact its rating and how many points those elements are worth. Use our table as a reference for understanding how we rate sweepstakes casinos.

Criteria Max. points Measurement
Bonuses and promotions

Total Points: 10

3 Value of welcome bonuses.
3 Bonus variety and number of bonuses.
2 Wagering requirements & terms and conditions for getting bonuses.
2 Special offers and current promotions.
Game variety

Total Points: 10

2 Number of slots, poker, specialty, and poker games.
2 How much variety is offered in every game category?
2 How many of the most popular game titles are available?
4 How often does the casino add new games?
Software quality

Total Points: 10

3 Overall gaming experience, smoothness, glitches, bugs, errors…
2 Visual experience and graphic quality.
2 Ease-of-access and ease-of-play.
3 Game compatibility across different operating systems and devices.
Payment methods

Total Points: 10

3 Number of payment option types, including bank transfers, e-wallets, and cards. Security and reliability.
3 Deposit process and deposit time.
2 Transaction fees and speed.
2 Cryptocurrency payment options and reliability.
Payout options

Total Points: 10

3 Withdrawal processing times and security.
2 Number of withdrawal options.
2 Policies regarding payout options, limits, and processing times.
3 Payout problem resolution effectiveness and speed.
Loyalty programs

Total Points: 10

3 Benefits and perks you can expect with loyalty programs.
2 Structure of loyalty programs and what rewards players can expect based on their status.
2 Promotions, rewards, and personalized offers.
3 VIP-level support and dedicated account managers.
Safety & licence

Total Points: 10

2 What valid certifications and licenses does the casino have, and from which regulatory bodies?
4 Which security measure and features does the platform use to protect players’ financial and personal information?
3 History of security issues, track record, reputation issues, and controversies.
1 Resources and tools available for players to manage their experiences and improve the gaming environment.
Mobile casino

Total Points: 10

1 Compatibility with different mobile devices and operating systems.
2 IWithdrawal and deposit options for mobile users.
4 Gaming experience on mobile devices.
3 Number of convenient and secure withdrawal/payment options for mobile users.
Customer support

Total Points: 10

3 24/7 customer support channels and their responsiveness.
2 Number of customer support channels including live chat, email, and phone.
2 The speed of response to customer issues.
3 The effectiveness of conflict resolution.
User experience

Total Points: 10

3 Website and app navigation.
3 How responsive and well-optimized the platform is for mobile users.
2 Transparent game rules and descriptions.
2 Smooth experience overall and transition between games.
Security measures

Total Points: 10

3 Use of encryption technologies for protecting players.
2 Reliable and consistent RNG audits of trusted authorities.
3 Regulation and licensing by trusted gaming authorities.
2 Privacy policies and practices for protecting players’ data.
Reputation and trustworthiness

Total Points: 10

3 Reviews and feedback from current/previous players on review websites.
2 Proven track record of trustworthy and fair operations.
2 Information about major complaints or controversies.
3 Commitment to safe, reliable, and responsible gaming practices.
Social interaction 

Total Points: 10

3 Number of player communities and social features.
3 Number of multiplayer games with social interaction elements.
2 Tournaments and events with social interactions.
2 Level of integration with social media for connecting with friends and sharing achievements.

Why you can trust SweepCasinos ratings

The SweepCasinos team is a group of experienced and knowledgeable casino enthusiasts who know the ups and downs of the casino industry. We have a structured approach for evaluating platforms and going through all the key aspects players expect from a platform.

Our sweepstakes casino reviews shed light on aspects like customer support, number of bonuses, licenses, software quality, number of games, gambling responsibly etc. Basically all the things you would want to know about an operator.

Objectivity & fairness

Integrity is one of our core principles, and no matter which platform we’re reviewing, we emphasize objectivity and fairness. All reviewers are unbiased in delivering objective information about a specific platform’s strengths and weaknesses. The casino industry must be analyzed fairly to help develop better processes and sweepstakes casinos players will love for a reason.

Security & legality

The days of playing online casino games on illegal platforms without guaranteed security are over. We carefully analyze each platform to ensure they offer a legitimate sweepstakes casino experience that should be guaranteed to every player.

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We go through all regulatory and licensing compliances and ensure operators offer services within legal boundaries. At the same time, we analyze all the security features used to protect their players’ financial and personal information.

Real player feedback

When reviewing a sweepstakes casino, listening to other players’ perspectives is vital to get a complete picture. We gather reviews and feedback online from some of the most respected review sites and learn what the gaming community thinks about a particular gaming platform. We give you a holistic overview of different perspectives and let you make the final judgment.

Honesty & transparency

All of the information we share about different casinos is guaranteed and based on honesty and transparency. We give you both the positives and negatives and let you decide whether a platform is in line with your goals and preferences. We regularly update our reviews and correct any information that’s no longer true.

Keeping up with the changes

The casino industry is changing constantly, including sweepstakes casinos. We are always keeping track of the latest trends and developments and ensuring our ratings and reviews are updated promptly so you get valid information. We review new sweepstakes casinos and the ones that have existed over a long period if time.

One of the reasons why so many people trust our reviews is that we are constantly on top of things and gathering relevant information.

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