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Best choice

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88,000 Free Coins

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2,000 Coins + 2.5 Royal Rubies

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Our rating system

In our quest to find the best sweepstakes casino platform, we’ve made a list of criteria each casino must meet.

Judge gavel showing license and regulations

Legality and licensing

Due to their nature, sweepstakes or social casinos don’t require a traditional gambling license like the numerous Vegas and Atlanta-based in-person casinos. Instead, they maintain special permits that are easier to obtain in comparison.

They also depend on third-party agencies that test the casino’s fairness and randomness of games, giving it a certificate of approval.

Such agencies include eCOGRA, iTech Labs, NMi, etc., and the required certifications were necessary for making it on the list because they are a foundation on which trust toward the platform is based.

Gift box with a casino coin

Bonuses and promotions

Since we’re talking about sweepstakes casinos where players can enjoy games without spending a dime, the sweepstakes casino’s bonuses and promotions were vital for making the list.

As such, there was a requirement for a hefty welcome bonus where players would have enough to test drive multiple different games and have enough to play for days or weeks.

Numerous daily promotions, login bonuses, and free gold coins and sweeps were also vital, as they ensured that players could keep enjoying the platform’s games for free.

Slot machine with the color scheme of sweepcasinos

Game variety

Although most players turn towards sweepstakes casinos for their slot games and potential winnings, other games also exist, which is why game variety is essential.

To be considered exceptional sweepstakes casinos, these platforms must include numerous sweepstakes casino games, including slots, jackpots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, table games, etc.

On the other hand, there are a few slot-only platforms. However, if casinos advertise correctly and offer an excellent but safe gaming experience, they can score as high as casinos with a more extensive game variety.

Hand of cards with casino chip

Live casino offering

Like game variety regarding slots, jackpots, blackjack, and roulette, live games are also vital, which is why live casino offerings were another aspect we considered before making the list.

Having live games means the casino can much better recreate the feeling players have in Vegas or Atlanta in-person casinos, precisely what some users want from a sweepstakes casino.

The number of live games, their quality, and even the software providers that created them are all vital in scoring highly as a casino platform.

Cherries icon software providers

Software providers

Having hundreds of games available isn’t enough to attract users or keep them on the platform. These games must be of excellent video and audio quality, which is where great software providers come in.

Most casinos rely on well-known and already-established casino game developers. These include Pragmatic Play, AGS, Red Tiger, Konami, NetEnt, and many more. However, some casinos use their in-house-made games.

Players trust casinos with games from reputable and already-known brands much more, but that doesn’t mean the platforms with in-house games are worse.

Hand with coin into slot

Payment options

Although players can enjoy social casino games without spending money, not all players play for free. Some players want to support the free platform, top up their accounts for larger wagers, or continue gameplay even when they’re out of free daily coins the platforms often offer.

Thus, having multiple payment methods that are convenient and fast is also a requirement. Players should have a few options – the more options there are, the merrier. These often include credit cards, digital wallets, crypto, etc., so we’ve thoroughly examined these for each platform.

Cash coming out of atm payment speed

Payout speed

In addition to multiple quick and convenient payment options for topping up your account, a fantastic casino will offer as many withdrawal methods. However, the abundance of choice is only a part of the equation, and these withdrawal methods must also be fast.

Therefore, the payout speed for multiple withdrawal options was considered for each casino. Furthermore, casinos where withdrawals were quick, operated as advertised, and offered the best user experience scored higher and made the list of the best sweepstakes and social casinos.

Crown with text jackpot shoowing bonuses

Redemption process

Ultimately, we looked into the simplicity and convenience of the redemption process. Players should have the option of straightforward redemption of prizes, where everything they’ve won on the platform can quickly reach their bank accounts or residence.

Starting this process must also be beginner-friendly, and the casino’s website must be transparent about each process step.

Hence, casinos that include straightforward redemption of rewards, quick and simple process activation, and fast payout completion scored much higher in this area.

Woman customer support agent with headset

Customer support

As all software and websites can have issues, mistakes can happen, and errors can create problems, even for sweepstakes casinos. In such cases, handling these problems quickly and efficiently is vital, which is where a casino’s customer support team comes in.

The availability of multiple contact channels and methods of communication with the customer support team is also vital. These channels include phone, email, webforms, social media accounts, and FAQs.

Casino platforms where customer support had excellent, quick, and knowledgeable technicians scored higher on the casino ranking list.

Security officer with policeman hat

Security measures

The casino must have proper security measures and protocols for the users to trust a platform where they’re likely spending their hard-earned money for entertainment. These serve as a layer of security protecting your data, including personal and transaction information.

Therefore, casinos must employ numerous top-of-the-line security features. Such features include various verification methods, state-of-the-art encryption technology, multi-factor authentication, etc.

Moreover, logging in through safe and secure platforms like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook is a significant advantage.

Hand reaching out for help responsible gambling icon

Responsible gaming tools

As we all know, gambling can be a massive problem and is considered an addiction, so casino platforms must include responsible gaming tools to prevent it.

These tools primarily include time management features, where players will have a specific amount of life and energy for a particular game, replenishing daily. Other tools include deposit and wagering limits, where players will be stopped from spending too much on packs or wagering all their coins at once.

Therefore, the elements above and other player protection features were one of the pillars for our evaluation.

Two sad faces and one happy face showing players feedback

Player feedback

In the age of scams and AI, nothing speaks about the platform’s fairness and trustworthiness as much as numerous player experiences.

Whether we’re talking about a decade-old sweepstake casino or a relatively new one operating for only a few months, countless people have heard of it, tried it, and have a positive or negative opinion.

These opinions are incredibly precious to newcomers and the platform’s novices, painting a detailed picture of the sweepstake casino. As such, they were also valuable to us in making the list of the best social casino platforms.

Mobile phone with hand of cards above mobile gambling

Mobile compatibility

Various sweepstakes and online casinos operate as web-based platforms. Players can theoretically access such casinos on any smart device with a web browser.

However, most casinos make dedicated mobile sweepstakes casino apps, where the casino will either offer apps for each operating system type or use browser mode for desktop users and mobile apps for smartphone owners.

Since there are only two major mobile operating systems: Android and iOS, being compatible with both is relatively easy. Therefore, casinos supporting only one didn’t score well.

Hand showing their cards transparent


Although sweepstakes and social casinos are primarily free casino platforms where you can enjoy numerous games without spending a dime, purchases are also available, and some players choose to spend their hard-earned cash on in-game rewards.

Users need to know they can trust the platform and the company behind the casino, which is why transparency is vital.

Well-written and transparent terms and conditions are also a hallmark of a great casino platform. Here, you’ll find everything about the casino, the company behind it, its operations, payment methods and processing times, etc.

Three people with chatting bubbles above sharing feedback

Community engagement

As the name suggests, social casinos are primarily based on the social aspect of gaming. As such, all sweepstakes and online casinos foster player connections, boost camaraderie, and drive community engagement.

That’s why most casino platforms are highly interactive, providing multiple elements that increase player interactions, including social media pages, forums, and chat rooms.

We also looked into other elements vital to community engagement, including numerous events, competitions, and tournaments where players can enjoy contests and involve themselves with the casino’s community.

Loading bar icon with the text loading

Website load time

Since we’re talking about online casinos whose entire business is, as the word suggests, online, the website’s performance is a significant factor through which players often decide whether they want to spend their time in the casino.

Unless a sweepstakes casino wants multiple negative reviews and low ratings, the platform must be quick and responsive to user input, making website loading times essential.

As the website’s speed is vital to a massive part of the user base, it was also crucial to us and a factor we thoroughly investigated for each casino platform before rating it.

Body with star icon as a head reputation


Similar to user feedback, a platform’s reputation is vital. The casino might keep its existing users without it, but no new player would willingly join the platform.

In most cases, the platform’s reputation can be looked into on mobile app stores, where multiple comments and ratings exist, giving insight into what users think about the casino.

However, you can also look into numerous sweepstakes reviews or search user feedback websites and learn more about the casino’s reputation.

Your guide to sweeps and social casinos

Since their invention in the mid-1990s, social and sweepstakes casinos have become fantastic alternatives to traditional online casinos, providing a thrilling gaming experience without requiring users to spend a dime. Stay with us as we dive deeper into sweep and social casinos and answer all your questions.

Casino with slots and a orange blue white theme

The concept of a sweepstake casino

Sweepstakes casinos let players enjoy gambling games without real gambling. They use virtual currencies instead of real money, allowing users to have all the fun associated with slots, jackpots, roulette, etc., without any difficulties of real money casinos.

They mustn’t be confused with traditional online casinos, which require real money wagers, although players can top up their accounts in sweeps coins casinos with real money.

They shouldn’t be confused with social casinos since these platforms don’t allow users to win money or prizes, only focusing on the social aspect.

Therefore, social casinos are the best of both worlds. Users can play for free, interact, and compete against each other, but they can also use sweep coins and win numerous rewards.

Currencies in sweepstakes casinos

Online casinos don’t use real money or Vegas-style chips. Instead, they employ virtual currencies specific to the platform, which serve numerous purposes, and by which they’re often categorized.

Most sweepstakes casinos have three currency types: primary, premium, and social. Each currency type has a different value and role, appears in various numbers throughout the platform, and requires specific methods to obtain.

Below, you’ll find information about each type of currency, how they work, what they’re worth, and how social casino players can obtain them.

Primary currency

All sweepstakes casinos have at least one primary currency, and it’s the foundation of every game. These are usually called Gold Coins, Virtual Chips, or have a specific name depending on the casino.

Players must wager a particular amount of this currency for each game they begin. However, they don’t have any monetary value and can’t be exchanged for rewards.

Most games reward you with an abundance of primary currencies. Therefore, you can win these by gaming or through numerous daily awards and free wheel spins.

Gold coins

Sweepstakes casinos often use Gold Coins as their primary currency. Although they can have multiple names in various combinations, they all serve a similar purpose.

Such coins are used for all of the casino’s games, driving the gameplay and letting players bet anywhere between 0.1 Gold Coin and up to a few thousand.

As a player, you can often get these coins upon registration, as many casinos offer a hefty welcome bonus. You can also get them through free daily awards, wheel spins, competitions, tournaments, etc.

Virtual chips

Chips are another common type of primary currency on many platforms. These virtual chips work just like gold coins, but under a different name, for a higher immersion and a better gaming experience.

Such currencies were modeled after Vegas casinos. For example, playing poker games with coins might feel weird, so virtual chips exist, amplifying the immersion and letting you experience a casino like the ones in Vegas or Atlanta.

Players don’t have to purchase them and can earn these chips through welcome bonuses, login rewards, daily games, etc.

Coins and tokens in different shapes and looks

Premium currency

Besides the primary currency, some casinos offer premium coins, which work differently. Obtaining them is challenging, and their value is higher than primary currencies.

These currencies are much less common on sweepstakes casino platforms. They’re far more valuable and often have a monetary value, meaning that players can redeem sweeps coins for real money once they collect plenty.

Players can usually win premium currency coins by playing games, wagering primary currencies, and winning competitions or tournaments. Some casinos also reward these coins during wheel spins.

Sweeps coins (or sweep cash)

Sweep Cash or Coins are one of the two standard premium currency types that sweepstake casinos use. You can exchange these coins for various rewards like real cash prizes and gift cards.

As they have a monetary value, obtaining them is tricky. You’ll have to win games like blackjack, poker, roulette, or social casino slots to win Sweeps Coins.

On top of being a reward for winning casino games, they can also be won through various promotional offers or purchased on multiple sweepstakes casino platforms.

Gems or diamonds

Other common types of premium currencies are diamonds and gems. Their names can also vary depending on your casino platform, but such coins share similar features.

These currencies are used in specific games, where they can either unlock the game itself, provide various types of boosts and power-ups, give you access to bonus levels and unlock game content, or save you time during specific tasks.

Players can obtain these by watching ads, spinning the wheel, referring friends to the casino, etc. They can also be purchased in special packs.

Social currency

Lastly, there’s also the social aspect of social casinos, which can best be seen in social currencies, the third and final type of online casino coins.

These currencies improve player engagement, boost interactions, and create a sense of community on such platforms. As such, they also promote healthy competition among visitors.

Players gather social currencies by logging in daily, wagering primary coins, playing different games, entering tournaments and competitions, purchasing packs, etc. However, gifting items to friends is among the most common methods to obtain them.

Loyalty points

The most common types of social currencies are loyalty points. All loyal users, including people who actively use the casino app, constantly visit the website, or log in daily, can quickly obtain many loyalty points.

These points often establish your level or VIP tier but can also be exchanged for rewards, other currencies, discounts, etc.

Some casinos also have a mission-style dashboard where you get daily tasks, complete assignments, and participate in challenges. If you accomplish these, you’ll likely be rewarded loyalty points by the casino.

Tickets or entries

Sweepstakes casinos are based around special events, also known as sweepstakes, hence the name. It also includes raffles and contests. However, these events also require another type of currency – tickets or entries. You obtain these tickets by progressing in some casino games, logging in daily, or purchasing packs.

Players must get a decent amount of tickets to participate in these sweepstakes events, as they’re often required for entry. However, they’re also necessary for the prize-drawing mechanism. The more tickets you have, the likelier you are to win a valuable prize.

Energy or lives

All video game enjoyers know the importance of hearts, lives, and energy. Since social casinos offer similar entertainment, they use these currencies similarly to video games.

To participate in a casino game, players have to spend energy or lives, which primarily regulates the amount of gameplay you can do in a day, serving as an excellent mechanic against gambling addiction.

Such currencies often replenish on their own, but they can also be won through various casino games and events, daily rewards, or wheel spin bonuses.


Last but not least, there are also tokens, another currency type you can win by playing the casino’s games. They’re also obtainable for completing game achievements, doing missions, or as rewards in various events.

Players can use these currencies to access certain features, participate in other games, including locked ones and mini-games, and enter special events.

Not all of these currencies are available on all casino platforms. The names of coins and the regularity of special events can also greatly vary from platform to platform.

Redemption of prizes in sweepstakes casinos

Winning a prize is what sweepstakes casinos are all about, but learning about the journey to redeeming what you’ve won is another vital aspect. The time between having a large account balance in the casino, and having your wallet fat, can vary from platform to platform.

Man in casino banner in orange blue white colors

Multiple factors affect prize redemption in such casinos. Below, we’ll explore how players can convert in-game currencies and what they’ve won into real money, various gift cards, and valuable rewards. We’ll also dive deeper into any possible rules for prize redemption and elaborate on each aspect in detail.


Like in-person casinos in Vegas or Atlanta, all sweepstakes casinos also have a few legal requirements regarding who can use the platform. These requirements often revolve around the user’s age and place of residence. Such rules are strict for gameplay, payments, and, most importantly, payouts.

Depending on the jurisdiction, the age requirement is either 18 or 21 years. In addition, some US states have notoriously rigorous laws against all casinos. If you’ve managed to register as a minor and live in one such state or country, the casino has every right not to pay out what you’ve won.

Accumulation of winnings

You’re probably wondering how long you can hold the prizes you’ve won in your account. The good news is most sweepstakes casinos have no time limit, and if you’re not ready to withdraw, you don’t have to.

Although casinos usually have a minimum you can withdraw, which changes from platform to platform and isn’t a norm for all sweepstake casinos, they don’t have an upper limit in most cases.

You can accumulate your winnings for weeks or months, and as long as you’re a regular platform user, you’ll never have issues with account termination or anything similar.

Redemption methods

Most sweepstake casinos have significantly varying payout methods, with many different options. These methods frequently include credit cards from well-known companies like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, but other payout methods are also available.

Redemption options vary highly from platform to platform. For example, one sweepstake casino might use PayPal and Skrill, while another relies on bank transfer and other methods. Some operators also present themselves as crypto sweepstakes casinos, adapting to the rising demand.

You can learn more about the numerous payment options from the casino’s website, which often also has info about eligibility and processing times.

Documentation and verification

Since numerous safety methods exist in sweepstake casinos, these platforms won’t pay out to just about anyone. Getting your prize will require you to prove you are who you claim to be, so you must provide a legal document to verify your account. It may seem like somewhat of a hazzle but it could also be considered one of the strongest signals of trust that a casino can send to a player.

Verification brings another layer of security to your account and is often required during registration. That’s why you’ll need a valid government-issued document, like an ID card, a passport, or a driver’s license, but you might also need to verify your residence. These documents are the foundation of your identity verification and a pre-requirement for payouts.

Processing time

The payout’s processing time primarily depends on the casino platform you’re playing on. One casino might have a payout time of three to five business days, while another completes payouts in less than 48 hours.

Other factors also affect this. These include your chosen payment method, winning amount, residence state, and other variables.

For example, credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, etc., have quick processing times, with a maximum of four to five days, while checks via mail can take up to two weeks to arrive. Therefore, the payout can complete in a day or two or take up to 15 days or more.

Tax implications

Like any money you make, the government asks for its slice of the cake, and sweepstakes casinos are no different. Taxes also exist here and can affect the amount of money you’ve won.

These also greatly vary from state to state and from country to county. That’s why no one can say whether it’ll be this amount or that amount.

Thus, it would be best to learn more about your government’s taxes and laws before redeeming prizes. Of course, you can always consult with tax professionals, especially if the winning amount is high.

Bonuses in US sweeps and social casinos

A significant aspect of all US sweepstakes casinos and social platforms are the bonuses, rewards, and promotions the platform offers its new players and returning users. Below, we’ll dive deeper into the types of bonuses that usually exist on such platforms and cover bonus codes, events, VIP tiers, and loyalty programs.

Cartoon styled casino in orange blue colors

Since most sweepstakes casino visitors play without spending money, the platform must provide numerous gifts and free coins to increase player engagement and drive traffic. Therefore, innumerable bonuses exist on these platforms, most of which we’ll cover below.

Sign-up bonus

The first and most vital bonus on nearly all sweepstakes platforms is each player’s welcome bonus upon registration. To get it, you must register with a valid email address and create an account, and it’ll be applied to your account automatically. It allows players to begin their gaming journey without needing to do anything besides registration.

No deposit bonus

Numerous online platforms offer sweepstakes casino no deposit bonuses to increase customer engagement and attract new players. Such a bonus is typically available for a few days after account registration. It means you don’t have to spend a dime, but you can still receive numerous coins, wheel spins, boosters, and other valuable in-game items for free.

Deposit match bonus

New users often have the benefit of multiplying their first few purchases, as various casinos have a bonus to double or triple your deposit, and it usually lasts for between one to five purchases, depending on your gaming platform. However, it’s worth noting that some casinos have a minimum deposit amount, so some smaller purchases are not eligible for this bonus.

Free spins

As a significant aspect of sweepstake casinos is about being able to play without spending money, numerous platforms give users daily or weekly free spins to keep them engaged. That means all users can enjoy various casino games, including people that aren’t interested in gambling but enjoy gaming, competition, and the thrill of winning a jackpot.

Referral bonus

Since online sweepstakes casinos are a relatively new addition to the gaming and gambling industries, some companies need help attracting new users, which is why they offer excellent bonuses to all players that bring new users to the platform. These are known as referral bonuses, rewarding both the person that invited someone and the new user.

Reload bonus

These bonuses are an excellent way for casinos to show appreciation to their loyal users. Namely, many sweep cash casinos give beefy reload bonuses, which reward players who deposit on the platform. For example, a casino might have a reload bonus of 50% on a Friday. Purchasing gold coins or a $10 pack on a Friday will grant you $15 worth of casino coins, spins, gems, etc.

Daily login bonus

As online sweepstakes casinos value loyalty and constant platform activity, they give out valuable daily bonuses each time you log in. Such bonuses can also have streaks – the daily bonus might grow if you’re highly active without missing a day. It’s worth noting that this login bonus is often hourly on numerous sweeps casinos, where it typically activates every four hours.

Loyalty points bonus

Keeping users engaged for an extended period is difficult for any company, and sweepstakes casinos are no different. It’s why many such platforms award their players loyalty points that they can exchange for in-game currencies, boosters, XP packs, etc. On top of that, acquiring a specific amount of loyalty points activates a massive bonus.

VIP or high roller bonus

These bonuses work similarly to deposit match bonuses, with a few key differences. Activating them requires a deposit of a minimum that’s typically around $1,000. However, your deposit can be far more than matched, as the bonus can go up to 1000% of your deposit. Therefore, if you’re loaded with cash and looking for a fantastic sweepstake casino to play on, those with high-roller bonuses are undoubtedly worth looking into.

Cashback bonus

Although players can enjoy sweepstakes casino games entirely for free, platforms also have packs users can purchase with real money. It’s an excellent way of supporting the company and topping up your account to enter numerous sweepstakes, competitions, and events. However, these packs are even better because they typically have cashback bonuses, giving you a particular percentage back for each purchase.

Birthday bonus

As you must create an account to join a sweepstakes casino platform, you’re likely giving away your birth date, too. However, that also means you’ll receive additional rewards on your birthday each year, as numerous online sweepstake casinos also have hefty birthday bonuses that will undoubtedly cheer you up. Getting a year older will feel good because of a reward for games you enjoy.

Birthday in a casino in cartoon style

Tournament entry bonus

Since the social aspect is a significant part of both sweep and social casinos, these platforms often organize tournaments where players can enjoy their games but with the addition of competing against one another for a massive prize. Simply joining the contest can grant you rewards like free coins, wheel spins, tokens, gems, or energy.

Special promotion bonus

Similar to tournaments, many sweepstakes platforms constantly have special promotions that typically involve additional rewards for players. For example, buying a pack during the promotional period can sometimes give you double the amount of coins, energy, boosters, or XP. The bigger the casino platform, the more special promotions it usually has, during which purchasing packs makes a lot of sense.

Game-specific bonus

Sweepstakes casinos typically have hundreds of games, including numerous blackjacks, roulettes, video poker, etc., but some games are unique. They’ll often grant bonuses letting you play your favorite game for hours, multiply your winnings, or even access hidden mini-games. These game-specific bonuses highly vary from platform to platform and game to game.

Promotional events

Keeping players entertained can be challenging for a sweepstakes casino platform, however many games these platforms offer. Players often get bored of doing the same repetitive action, even if they’re winning and getting excellent casino sweepstakes.

That’s why most sweep and social casinos constantly organize promotional events, bringing new games, large casino sweepstakes, and, frequently, even new currencies. Such events usually last a few days, but that mostly depends on the platform organizing them.

Users can typically use the newly-introduced currencies during the promotional event to play games, get uncommon XP packs, boosters, lives, energy, and gems, or exchange them for primary or premium currencies.

Loyalty programs

Since most sweepstake online casinos offer massive welcome bonuses, it makes sense for players to jump from platform to platform. Thus, casinos offer multiple loyalty programs that reward users for logging in daily and staying on the platform to prevent platform jumping and keep their gamers. Typically, the more you play, the bigger the loyalty benefits, which also work toward increasing your level.

For example, sweepstakes casino sites can offer various VIP tiers or account levels. To advance on the platform and move up a level or increase your VIP tier, you must collect a particular number of loyalty points. As you move up, your bonuses become different, and you might get enormous daily rewards.

Bonus codes

In addition to the numerous bonus types mentioned above that players get under specific conditions, sweepstakes casinos also offer various bonus codes that must be manually added to the platform. These bonus codes include the following:

  • Sign-up codes – Players input these codes during registration, whether they were part of a promotional event or a referral program. That activates the bonus, which usually can’t be applied later if skipped.
  • Deposit bonus codes – Such codes must be typed into particular boxes during deposits, and they activate specific deposit bonuses. Most platforms allow users to go back and add the code if they’ve accidentally forgotten it, but that will typically be allowed for a few days from the deposit time.
  • Reload codes – Similarly to deposit bonus codes, reload ones require players to add them under particular conditions. That could be a specific day of the week or involve other elements needed to activate the reload event, and they differ from casino to casino.

Other bonus code types also exist but significantly vary from platform to platform and follow different rules. As mentioned, some can only be added during deposits, while others must be typed out in dedicated casino sections.

Banner with different casino items

Bonus terms and conditions

To prevent misconduct and abuse, sweepstakes casinos have specific rules and terms regarding bonuses and promotions. Although they might seem annoying, understanding them is vital, as they’re there for the good of the players, ensuring fair play and typically revolving around the following aspects.


Some bonuses can be claimed once, while others are daily. Some prizes only work for new players, while others are intended for loyal and returning users. Such terms and conditions for bonuses exist for a reason. Without them, a sweepstakes casino wouldn’t be able to function, as everyone would have full accounts, exchanging free sweep coins winnings for rewards and bankrupting the company.

Wagering requirements

All casino platforms offering welcome and no-deposit bonuses also have a wagering requirement, also known as a rollover, typically at 1x or 3x but can go as high as 45x. It means that the bonus you received must be wagered at least once before you can withdraw. Otherwise, everyone would abuse these platforms by signing up, getting bonuses, and withdrawing money.


Keeping bonus funds for massive wagers is typically allowed on most casino platforms, but specific bonuses expire. If players don’t use up coins, boosters, or whatever else these bonuses award, they’ll be removed from the account. The expiration date is often around 30 days but varies from casino to casino and is typical during promotional periods or particular events.

Minimum deposit

Most online sweepstakes casinos have a minimum deposit, which might vary from platform to platform. However, it’s usually around $20, typical for most such casinos. For example, a deposit of $20 will often lead to the account receiving $25 or $30 worth of in-game items. In contrast, a $10 deposit won’t activate the bonus, and you’ll only receive a $10 value of coins and other elements in the pack.

Game restrictions

Although wagering requirements are typically at 1x in most online sweepstakes casinos, not all game wagers count towards this requirement. Some games have restrictions and don’t allow players to use bonus funds, making the wagering requirement more challenging. However, these restrictions only apply to a handful of casinos and games.

Weighting game contributions

Like game restrictions, casinos might set different rules regarding how a particular game’s wagers count toward the wagering requirements. Let’s say that a game has a 10% contribution factor – only $5 of your $50 bonus will count toward rollover. That’s why learning more about these rules and understanding how they work is essential for checking all the requisites for a rollover.

Max bet

Some sweepstakes casinos have a maximum bet limit when you use bonus funds to play. You can’t win even a dollar higher than the upper limit when playing with your bonus funds. Nevertheless, it isn’t an issue since you know your potential winnings at all times and can bet the perfect amount that doesn’t exceed the limit.

Maximum win/cash out

Minimum deposit and withdrawal limits are a common occurrence in many casinos. However, some platforms also have maximum win and cash-out amounts. Players that win using bonus funds can only win rewards up to a particular amount that depends upon the casino, with typical ones ranging from $2,000 to $5,000. You’ll also only be able to cash out your win minus the bonus.

Bonus stacking

Although bonuses apply to various terms and conditions and have expiry dates, some players still find ways to abuse them by stacking them. Therefore, most sweepstakes casinos have introduced rules about bonus stacking, limiting players from claiming multiple bonuses at once. Some bonuses must also be claimed in a particular sequence to abide by the rules.

Payment method restrictions

It’s a rare occurrence, but some casinos might have restrictions on which payment methods can obtain the bonus. For example, using a credit card grants a particular bonus, but the same amount over PayPal might not activate it. Such information can often be found in the casino’s terms and conditions, or it’ll be mentioned on the deposit info page.

Country restrictions

As sweepstakes and social casinos operate by different rules than the ones you’d find on the Las Vegas strip, they’re legal in most countries and states, with Washington being a typical exception. However, these casinos also have rules and restrictions regarding bonuses and withdrawals. For example, you might not be able to claim a particular prize if you live outside of the US.

Bonus abuse

Finding a loophole and repeatedly abusing the same bonus or multiple different ones might seem like a great idea, as you could play games for hours. However, exploiting such loopholes can get you permanently banned from the platform and all your primary, premium, and social currencies deleted without the chance of ever redeeming them or exchanging them for a prize.

Mobile sweeps and social casino apps

Since the beginning of the slow move from desktops and laptops to smartphones and other mobile devices, most of the websites we used ten or twenty years ago have also moved to app forms, and sweepstakes and social casinos are no exception.

Cartoon style image of a smartphone with casino things coming out

As our phones increase in power, they become as capable of running numerous, high-quality casino games as our computers are. That’s why most casino platforms have moved to apps, reaching millions of customers that can now enjoy their favorite games on the go.

Download vs. browser play

Since we’re talking about online sweeps and social casinos, there are two ways of enjoying a platform’s games: dedicated desktop and mobile apps or a web-based platform you access through a browser. Casinos turn to one or the other, as each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Download app Browser play
✅ Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS apps are far better optimized than web-based platforms. ✅ Web-based platforms are accessible on all smart devices with a web browser.
✅ The video quality of mobile casino app games is much higher than with browser-based platforms. ✅ There’s no app installation, meaning storage space isn’t required at all.
✅ Some casinos offer offline modes, meaning you can use the app without WiFi or data. ✅ The user interface looks the same regardless of which device you’re using, and your app is synced up so you can continue on another device.
❌ Such apps require constant updates and need to work better on lower-end devices, especially Android phones. ❌ Browser play needs to catch up regarding performance compared to a dedicated mobile app.
❌ It requires storage space to install, which can range depending on game quality and the number of features and games on the platform. ❌ Game quality is usually far behind app-based platforms since all games have to run in a browser.

Features unique to mobile casino apps

Dedicated mobile casino apps are often the norm for mobile casinos since they have unique features you can’t get with browser play. These features include the following:

  • Offline mode – Although not all casinos support it, some platforms let you play without WiFi.
  • Better controls – Touch controls are far better optimized in dedicated Android and iOS mobile apps.
  • Push notifications – Mobile apps can update you about daily bonuses, new features, and energy recharges.
  • Geolocation – As casinos aren’t legal in all US states, geo features can ensure players comply with regulatory boundaries.

These features and a few other casino-related ones bring significant advantages that put dedicated mobile apps above browser play, so many casinos opt for it.

App store availability and direct downloads

Casinos and gambling are still a taboo subject. Whenever these terms are mentioned, people think of addiction, scams, and wasting money. However, sweepstakes platforms aren’t a typical type of gambling or casino, as they can be enjoyed without funds and often have regulations that limit daily gameplay.

Nevertheless, they’re still treated heinously by Apple and Google, making it difficult to display a casino app on Google Play and App Store.

Thus, many casinos have to rely on direct app downloads from websites, appearing malicious and struggling to attract new users, even when there’s no reason for it and the platform is entirely legal and safe.

Roulette wheel in cartoon style

Sweeps and social casino games

Although some sweepstakes casinos primarily focus on slot games, other game types exist in such casinos’ massive libraries. These games provide hours of entertainment, excellent visuals, and terrific audio. Below, we’ll cover some of the most popular game types and dive deeper into each.


The shiny and classic sweepstakes slots – likely the first thing you think about when someone mentions casinos. A slot machine in a traditional Vegas-like casino involves dropping a coin or token and pulling the lever to get three of the same items in a horizontal row on a screen of rapidly changing icons.

Although such games are typically three-by-three icons, online casinos have improved upon these games, offering multiple variants with four or five rows or columns.

Table games

When gambling is mentioned, most of us first think of various table games, like the ones we’ve seen in the movies and the ones you’d find on the Las Vegas strip. These games include blackjack, roulette, Texas and casino hold ‘em, baccarat, sic bo, etc. Although they have different mechanics, all these games revolve around players sitting by a table and placing bets.


Loved by many and seen in almost every casino on Earth, online poker is a traditional gambling game requiring much skill. However, a hint of luck is also involved since it’s a gambling game. It revolves around getting the best cards among the participating players and taking their wagers. Video poker, used in online casino games and websites, works like a traditional game.


Although bingo games don’t require skill and are entirely luck-based, they’re still popular entertainment. These games of chance use cards with a grid of numbers, where having a particular row of these can win you money when they’re randomly chosen.

Bingo players likely enjoy the company of like-minded individuals participating in this game, as it allows for relaxed conversations and interactions.


Another type of game similar to bingo is keno. Multiple variants exist, but players typically choose between one and ten numbers from a table of numbers ranging from one to 80.

The machine then draws twenty balls with numbers, and each player receives a reward, which depends on how many numbers they chose and got right.

Scratch cards

Like the scratch cards you’d buy at your local gas station, sweepstakes casinos offer virtual scratch cards that work precisely the same. You move your cursor or swipe with your finger to reveal the hidden icons beneath the top layer. If you find three of the same icons, you win a prize ranging from a couple of dollars to thousands, depending on the scratch card type and the casino platform.

Live dealer games

As many players join sweepstakes platforms wanting the thrill of real Vegas-like casinos, sweepstakes casinos recreate the feeling with sweepstakes live dealer games. These are table games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, or poker, but with a live video feed of a dealer. As such, they’re meant to recreate the in-person casino experience, provide an interactive interface, and enhance social interactions.


Social interactions are a prominent aspect of sweepstakes casinos, which is why many platforms organize tournaments where players can enjoy regular games in a competitive environment, communicating, interacting, and playing against one another. As mentioned, these events also bring numerous bonuses, while the top few players in each category also win massive prizes.

Exclusive games

Although most sweepstakes casinos opt for trusted and well-known software providers, sharing hundreds of games, some platforms also create their own unique titles. They often have exclusive games that significantly differ from those in most sweepstakes or social casinos. That exclusivity comes from custom gameplay, additional features, mechanics, rules, themes, etc.

The benefits of playing social casino games

As mentioned, online sweepstakes casinos take the finest features from real money online casinos and social platforms and create a combination that offers the best of both worlds. As such, users play casino games, as they have numerous benefits, including the following ones:

  • Free-to-play platforms – Online sweepstakes casinos don’t require real money and are considered free-to-play as they don’t limit the experience for free users.
  • Chance to win prizes – Players that want to bet real money can do so and get the opportunity to win numerous rewards when betting sweeps coins or other similar currencies.
  • Large game libraries – Most sweepstakes casinos provide a massive game variety, with hundreds of different titles and numerous game types.
  • Social interactions – A massive aspect of all social casino games are the interactions, communication, and competition between its users, where players can enjoy their favorite titles with like-minded people.
  • Legal play in restricted areas – Sweepstakes casinos let users play casino-style games legally, even if they’re from areas with much stricter laws.
  • Accessible almost anywhere – As they can be browser-based or offer dedicated apps for different platforms, an online sweepstakes casino’s games are playable on the go, regardless of where you are.
  • No risk of a gambling addiction – Since no real-money gambling has to be involved, users can play sweepstakes games without risking gambling addiction like in traditional in-person or online casino platforms.

With all the advantages over both in-person and online traditional casinos, sweepstakes platforms are gaining massive popularity and attracting more users than ever.

Casino from outside in cartoon style

Sweepstakes sites vs. online real money casinos

Many users confuse sweepstakes or social casinos with traditional online casinos, but we’re here to explain everything. In essence, sweepstakes casinos are free-to-play platforms that operate much more freely in almost all US states, focusing on the social aspects of casino games and allowing users to win valuable rewards by betting real money.

In contrast, traditional online casinos require real money wagers and don’t focus as much on the social aspect of games, rarely organizing events, tournaments, and competitions.

We’ve also included a detailed comparison of these two types of casinos. Below are the significant differences and shared features between such platforms.

Real-money wagers

It’s the defining feature of all traditional online casinos. Players can wager real money and get cash prizes, whereas sweepstakes casinos are free-to-play platforms and use virtual currencies but also give players the ability to wager cash.

Legal landscape

Traditional online casinos operate like Vegas-based ones, requiring special gambling licenses and adhering to stringent rules. Unlike traditional online casinos, sweepstakes platforms circumvent online gambling laws and skip standard permits, as they offer a free-to-play experience with virtual currencies.


Strict laws and difficult-to-obtain gambling licenses make traditional casinos barely legal in a few US states. In contrast, sweepstakes casinos can operate almost anywhere, with the notable exception being the state of Washington.

Social events

With the primary focus on gambling, traditional casinos don’t bother much with social events. At the same time, sweepstakes platforms constantly organize promotions, tournaments, events, and competitions that significantly boost player interaction and communication.


Many traditional online casinos offer simple user interfaces and well-known games that are centuries old but still require a steep learning curve. In contrast, sweepstakes platforms have much more intuitive interfaces and include games that beginners can enjoy.


Winning in a traditional casino requires strategy, patience, and skill. At the same time, games on social casino websites and apps focus on these games’ fun and social aspects, letting players primarily enjoy themselves without worry.

Gambling addiction

Since traditional casinos require cash wagers where players can chase losses and develop several gambling issues, they can cause severe addiction. On the other hand, players at sweepstakes casinos are significantly less prone to such problems.

Safety: the legal foundation of sweepstakes casinos

Since they’re not considered the same as Vegas and Atlanta-based in-person casinos and offer a free-to-play experience, sweepstakes casinos don’t require special licenses to operate and are legal in most US states.


Most such casinos also obtain permissions that prove their safety and security. They also get tested by multiple third-party agencies like eCOGRA and iTechLabs, ensuring their casino-style games’ fairness and randomness.

Finally, these platforms also employ various state-of-the-art security protocols, like the latest and greatest encryption technologies, to ensure the safety of their users’ data. That’s why you have nothing to worry about when using the recommended platforms if you keep your password secure.

Legal basis of sweeps and social casinos

Registering a traditional casino and operating such a business can be highly challenging, so most states don’t allow them. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act essentially states that betting businesses can’t knowingly accept payments for Internet gambling transactions.

However, sweepstakes casinos don’t adhere to the same laws, as they’re not classified as gambling businesses. Instead, they offer a free-to-play model by using virtual currencies and giving away numerous bonuses that let players enjoy casino-style games without spending a dime. 

State-specific regulations

No real-money gambling has to occur on sweepstakes platforms, so they’re considered free-to-play casinos and don’t require gambling licenses, making them legal in most US states. Notable exceptions include primarily Washington, which banned sweepstakes casinos entirely, with Idaho, Nevada, Kentucky, and Wyoming being very strict towards such platforms.

Safety protocols in place

In this age of scams, cybercrime, and hacks, everyone is concerned about the safety of their data, and for a reason. However, the recommended sweepstakes and social casinos have multiple security measures that prevent any wrongdoing, like data theft or hacks. These include top-of-the-line SSL encryption methods that encrypt data in transit, various firewalls, and other high-tech cybersecurity tools.

Fair play assurance

As mentioned, multiple third-party audit agencies continually test popular sweepstakes casino platforms. Such agencies try and test gaming mechanisms such as random number generators, on which many casino-style games are based, ensuring complete fairness and randomness of all casino games. You can rest assured that the recommended platforms are entirely safe and fair.

Privacy concerns

If you’ve registered on online casinos before, you might have felt unsafe about giving away most of your data, as such data is required for various verification and documentation protocols. However, sweepstakes platforms adhere to multiple data protection rules, providing excellent player confidentiality and following all regulations.

Third-party certifications

Similar to fair-play assurance, where third-party agencies test the fairness and randomness of all casino-style games, these companies also provide multiple certifications that speak about the credibility of casino platforms. Once tested, these agencies place a sticker on casino platforms that says “safe to use.”

How to choose the best sweepstakes casino

Picking the perfect online sweepstakes platform is a highly complicated task that revolves around the individual’s needs. What might be among the best casinos in the US for one person might not be it for another, as each player values different aspects of these platforms, so choosing the right casino depends on personal preferences. 

Retro styled casino in orange blue white theme

For example, someone might value massive game libraries, while another player will choose a casino with the fastest payment and withdrawal processes. You can make that choice by looking into the following aspects which are also part of the guidelines for how we rate:

  • Learn more about game types: If you’re after blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games, a platform that focuses on slots only won’t be any good for you.
  • Game variety also matters: If you’re after specific or unique titles, a sweepstakes platform that doesn’t have in-house-made games and only uses third-party software providers won’t do you any good.
  • Test mobile apps: Mobile apps play a crucial role in choosing the right casino, especially for those gaming on the go, so you should download and test each app.
  • Learn about payment methods: Players should explore deposit options, withdrawal methods, transaction fees, and processing times before deciding and choosing the platform.
  • Look into the platform’s reputation: Older platforms are typically more reliable than new social casinos, but that’s not always true.
  • Explore user comments: Most social casinos have been tried and tested already, and users have positive or negative opinions worth looking into as they tell the true story.

Keep these tips in mind when searching for the best sweepstakes casino, and you’ll choose the one that best suits your gaming needs. Reading reviews can be the most effective strategy when you want to get a quick grasp on a casino.

Step-by-step guide: sweepstakes casino registration

As registration is often among the first parts of the platform users’ experience, sweepstakes casinos must provide a straightforward process that ensures a hassle-free entry into the world of casino-style games and hours of fun. Generally, that process includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: choose a casino: Once you’ve thoroughly researched the aspects of the new sweep casinos you were interested in, you can select the best sweepstakes casinos that suit your needs.
  • Step 2: double-check its legality: Before heading to the registration page, ensure you’ve chosen a legal platform by rechecking its license and user feedback.
  • Step 3: fill in your information: The registration process will take a few minutes and likely require residence and verification information, including address and a valid ID.
  • Step 4: add a strong password: Although multiple security protocols exist in each recommended casino, you must also ensure safety and use strong passwords.
  • Step 5: verify your account: Open your email client and search for an email from the sweepstakes casino to find the link and verify the entire process.
  • Step 6: add shortcuts on all devices: You can download dedicated platform apps or access a web-based platform on other devices and bookmark the website.

Once you complete registration, you can dive deeper into the casino’s games, explore different game types and titles, spin the wheel, make your first deposit, enter any current events, and much more.

Responsible gambling measures

Although sweepstakes casinos don’t need real-money wagers, their game libraries are filled with gambling games, which can cause problems for some individuals. Therefore, there’s a need for platforms that offer a responsible gaming experience. 

An excellent sweep casino will have multiple responsible gambling measures in place. These include risk recognition protocols, player safety features, and the ability to recognize warning signs and connect you with helpful external resources.

Below, we’ll thoroughly explore such protocols, measures, and features and dive deeper into each.

Risk recognition

Even though real money doesn’t have to be involved on online sweepstakes platforms, casino-style games are still a form of gambling. By their nature, they’re made to be addictive, encircling you with stunning visuals and offering a fantastic auditory experience, and tickling just the right sensors in your brain. 

They can lead to gambling problems, regardless of whether it’s a free-to-play experience, which is why risk recognition protocols must be in place to recognize individuals that might fall victim to these games.

Guy sitting in front of computer with casino things around

Safety features for sweep and social casino players

To make things easier to understand, we’ve also added a table of the most common player safety features that sweepstakes casinos have. Below, you’ll see which tools are present and the frequency at which they’re offered in such casinos.

Safety tool / safety measure Frequency
Account verification Always
Cooling-off periods Often
Deposit or play limits Sometimes
Play time reminders Rarely
Self-exclusion options Sometimes
Contact information Always
Referral to external resources Sometimes

Potential warning signs

There’s a reason gambling is considered an addiction. Some individuals can fall victim to this addiction, leading to multiple problems that might require special treatment and months or years of therapy.

This addiction can be expressed in multiple ways, which, on their own, don’t have to mean anything, but can be problematic when appearing together. That’s why learning to see the potential warning signs is adamant in diagnosing it and getting proper treatment for this addiction.

These warning signs often revolve around multiple hours spent on gambling websites, where the individual might neglect their other responsibilities. Massive financial losses are another telltale sign that someone is struggling with a gambling addiction, as they often chase losses.

External resources

Fortunately, multiple organizations can help people with gaming problems. These often differ from state to state, so it would be best to investigate such agencies near you individually.

If you believe you or someone you know might have gambling issues, you can recommend some well-known organizations like Gamblers Anonymous or look into the National Problem Gambling Helpline. Most of these organizations and helplines are available 24/7 and guarantee confidentiality.

Frequently asked questions

It isn’t easy to choose a single casino that does everything perfectly. One sweepstake casino might have excellent bonuses, another has multiple promotional events that take the entertainment to the next level, and the third is excellent at payout processing speeds and offers the most payment methods. Therefore, finding the best one will depend on what aspects you value as a player.

Sweepstakes casinos are social gaming platforms where players can experience the fun, thrill, and excitement of traditional gambling casinos without spending money. However, they also allow players to make deposits, spend real money, and participate in numerous sweepstakes to win fantastic rewards. Users can also win real cash prizes, gift cards, and other valuable items.

As they don’t require real money gambling and work as more of a gaming platform, sweepstakes casinos are legal in most countries and almost all US states, except for Washington. States like Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, and other states with more rigorous gambling laws also have stricter regulations and restrict some online sweepstakes casinos.

Yes, you can. The entire idea behind sweepstakes casinos is to combine the thrill of traditional online casinos with the competition, tournaments, communities, and interaction that social casinos offer. As such, sweepstakes casinos can be enjoyed for free, like social casinos, but they also allow users to win real money, like in traditional online casinos.

Most online sweepstake casinos offer three currency times: primary, premium, and social. The primary currency drives all games on the platform, typically involving gold coin packages and virtual chips. Premium currencies count towards rewards, gift cards, and cash prizes and boost games in several ways. As the name suggests, social coins are used in social events such as tournaments and competitions.

A social casino offers many different games for players to enjoy and interact with each other. While such platforms can be entertaining, they don’t allow players to win real money or valuable prizes. On the other hand, sweepstakes casinos combine massive libraries of games and the social aspect with the ability to wager real money and win cash prizes and other fantastic rewards.

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