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Best sweepstakes & social casinos in Washington for 2024

Here is all you need to know to keep yourself out of a pickle with the WA laws, including all the legal stuff, big no-nos in WA, sources, and more.

A closer look at the legality of sweepstakes casinos in Washington

Washington, the only state named after a president, has strict gambling laws. All gambling online is strictly forbidden. However, don’t worry; there are many land-based casinos where you can enjoy your favorite games.

Want to know the do’s and don’ts in WA? Are you interested in diving into its gambling history? Read on to find out more.

Gambling in Washington: legal vs. illegal

When it first became a state in 1889, WA’s original constitution didn’t allow gambling. Yet, as years went by, more types of gambling became legal, like state lottery (1982), tribal casinos (1992), house-banked cardrooms (1997), and sports betting in tribes’ casinos only (2020). But let’s start with what you must be curious about most.

Banner of Washington capitol cartoon drawn

First things first, land-based casinos are legal in WA. They are primarily tribal casinos, but there are also house-banked card rooms across the state. Furthermore, you can play the lottery, enjoy charitable gaming, and recently even do sports betting. Yet, online gambling and sweepstakes casinos remain illegal in the state, as well as DFS contests and online poker. Even purchasing lottery tickets online is illegal.

So, if you enjoy gambling, WA offers you a choice of more than 30 land-based casinos, but if you prefer gambling from home, you are out of luck! Because the strict 2006 legislation makes it a felony to gamble online, no online nor sweepstakes casinos are legally available.

Since the law addresses online gambling directly, those who dare to break the law might end up going to jail for up to five years or pay a $10,000 fine, so it’s not worth the risk!

Additionally, while some people might consider offshore gambling as an alternative in WA, it’s a bad idea because those sites are definitely against the law in WA. Why risk it when you can safely enjoy land-based casinos or, if you aren’t a WA resident, go to a nearby state to play at sweepstakes casinos online?

Another thing that makes offshore casinos dangerous is that they function outside the US law and don’t have operating licenses or governing bodies that can help you out if you run into trouble. Sometimes, you even risk a shady casino leaking your private information, which is the least of your worries in WA, where you can go to jail for these activities.

Will the status of online gambling ever change in WA? Highly unlikely. Changing those laws and then regulating online gambling would probably take a lot of effort. Because of that, lawmakers keep postponing it as it’s too much of a hassle.

Sweepstakes legalities: Washington vs. other states

Because of the thriving tribal gambling industry in WA during the mid-2000s, lawmakers chose to prohibit all internet gambling, including sweepstakes and social casinos. At first, they wanted to classify it as a minor offense, but in the end, they decided to make it a severe felony to stop interested players with the threat of spending years behind bars.

In 2018, they went a step further when they dealt a final blow to the iGaming industry by claiming virtual coins sweepstakes casinos use instead of money could be seen as “something of value” because players could purchase them for real money, making these casinos effectively illegal in WA.

In contrast to all the other states, WA is the only one that clearly defines offshore online gambling as a felony even though it doesn’t strictly carry out the law. Most other states, like Maryland, Tennessee, Mississippi, and others, leave it in the gray area without clearly defined laws.

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Moreover, WA has many programs to encourage responsible gambling and tackle gambling-related problems. Notably, the Washington State Health Care Authority supervises the Washington State Problem Gambling Program, while the Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling is another organization actively involved in this area.

Another good thing about the gambling industry in WA is that players can choose to exclude for as many years as they want, allowing for a more responsible gambling experience.

When it comes to a minimal gambling age, it’s 18, but it goes up to 21 for places that sell alcohol. Still, there are some age variation rules in different tribal casinos. Interestingly, in states like California and Michigan, the legal age for gambling also varies depending on the casino regulations.

Yet, even WA laws are less strict than those of Hawaii and Utah, where all forms of gambling are illegal. On the other hand, WA is lagging regarding online gambling as most other states, like North Dakota, Missouri, South Dakota, and many more, allow at least sweepstakes and social casinos.

Current gambling laws in WA

It’s essential to stay knowledgeable about gambling laws and regulations in WA more than in any other US state. That will help you avoid legal troubles and ensure your safety. Always abide by the state laws and follow the specific rules of different tribal casinos.

Remember, laws change frequently, and it’s crucial to follow those laws, particularly in strict regions like WA. Check out these statutes if you want to stay in the loop about the legal status of gambling and sweepstakes casinos in WA:

  • Washington Revised Code, Crimes and Punishments, Title 9.46, Section 9.46.010, et seq
  • Washington Revised Code, Sports and Recreation–Convention Facilities, Title 67, Section 67.16.010, et seq

In WA, the Washington State Gambling Commission takes the lead in overseeing all gambling licenses and making sure gambling is regulated. Guess what? It even works with various agencies, including international, to keep gambling in check.

On top of that, tribal gaming agencies also oversee the tribal casinos, and even WSGC has its own Tribal Gaming Unit to make it easier to ensure on-site compliance.

Hypothetical scenario 1: Sweepstakes casinos that could be available in Washington

Imagine if sweepstakes casinos were legal in WA! What casinos could you play at, enjoying myriads of casino-like games? Why not check out some sweepstakes casinos that could one day rise from the ashes in WA?

People in a casino smiling cartoon banner

Chumba casino, Gambino Slots, and LuckyLand Slots have gained popularity in several US states. They could also become popular in WA if the state legalizes sweepstakes casinos one day, as the players generally have a positive experience at these casinos, enjoying many games that suit different preferences.

Chumba casino

For anyone who loves online casino-like games, Chumba casino is a dream come true. The interface is simple to navigate, and the casino has over 150 fun games, including slots, table games, and specialty games. Plus, it has some killer bonus offers, and paying is a piece of cake. It’s like a perfect sweepstakes casino!

Gambino Slots

Another casino that would be perfect for our imaginary scenario of sweepstakes casinos roaming freely in WA is Gambino Slots. With more than 150 games, including Vegas-style games, it would be ideal for many different adventures and themes. Together with excellent purchase bonuses and promotions, it would be a true pleasure for WA residents to play.

LuckyLand Slots

With its incredible game variety and over 100 slot games exclusive to the site (with two new games every month), LuckyLand Slots is another obvious choice for our theoretical revival of the sweepstakes casino scene in WA. The range of competitions, tournaments, and bonuses makes LuckyLand Slots even more appealing.

Hypothetical scenario 2: Games that could be popular in WA 🎰

If sweepstake casinos were legal in WA, popular casino games would have probably been blackjack, poker, and slots because those are the favorites in many land-based casinos in WA.


Also known as 21, blackjack online guarantees a fantastic time. With its straightforward yet intricate gameplay, this game provides endless entertainment. Its rules are easy to grasp, and the excitement of outsmarting the dealer makes it irresistible for everyone. Some fun variants are Single Deck and Double Deck.


Poker is a classic for a reason, and it would have probably been popular in hypothetical WA sweepstakes casinos, as it’s always a fun game to play, online or offline. Many casino players love the game, and if WA were to legalize sweepstakes one day, it would be a hit. Texas Hold’em would probably be the primary go-to for WA players.


The star of many online casinos are sweepstakes slots, so why not also these imaginary WA casinos? With their enchanting premises and themes, they cater to everyone’s needs with their range of games. Some popular slots would have probably been Gladiator and Buffalo King.

Choosing the best legal sweepstakes casinos

As you know by now, sweepstakes casinos are illegal in WA, but there are still sites that claim they’re legal in this state.

Washington skyline cartoon drawn banner

How do you know they are lying? Check their operating licenses and regulatory bodies. If there are none, wherever you are, don’t use them! Regardless of the state, it’s not worth the hassle and potential dangers.

Other factors to have in mind when choosing sweepstakes casinos, hypothetical or actual, are the following:

  • Security – The best sweepstakes casinos should offer the latest encryption technology and safe gaming tools.
  • 24/7 customer support – Knowledgeable and responsive customer support that resolves your queries quickly and efficiently is essential for a seamless experience.
  • Game quality – Sweepstakes casinos should have games from the gaming industry’s giants like Microgaming and Hacksaw Gaming.
  • Payment options – You should look for fast, convenient, and secure payment options like e-wallets and bank transfers.
  • Self-exclusion – Responsible gambling should be sweepstakes casinos’ priority, allowing you to self-exclude for different periods.
  • Bonuses and promotions – There should be generous bonuses like welcome deals and off-site promotional events.

For more information, research and compare all your options to choose the best sweepstakes casino for your preferences. Don’t forget that sweepstakes casinos are illegal in WA! Since the laws are strict, don’t take any risks, and check all the relevant laws and regulations before doing anything that you aren’t sure is legal in the state.

Sweepstakes casinos: Washington vs. neighboring state

Compare Washington with its closest neighbor state

Frequently asked questions

There are none because they are illegal in WA.

No, they aren’t. They’re illegal throughout WA. 

No, because there are none to access. Moreover, some sweepstakes casinos from other states don’t accept WA residents because of WA’s strict laws.

The legal gambling age in WA is 18, except in casinos that sell alcohol, where you must be at least 21. However, the minimum age to bet on horse racing in Washington is 18, although to wager on any of the ADW sites, you must be at least 21.

You can get no winnings from sweepstakes casinos in WA as they are illegal. However, when talking about land-based casinos, WA doesn’t have a state income tax, but you’ll still have to pay the federal one, which is 24% of the money you win over a game’s threshold.

No bonuses are available, as sweepstakes and social casinos are illegal in WA, including all other types of online gambling.

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